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Beach access roads and trails

Many visitors are surprised to find out that you can actually drive on the beach. The beach is considered a state highway and the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

There are several beach access roads and you can drive up and down the beach in many places. This is a great way to enjoy the beach even when it would otherwise be too windy or cold to go for a walk.

Beach access roads

If you are going to drive your car on the beach, please note that soft sand is very easy to get stuck in. It is a best practice to drive closer to the water where the sand is a little wet and more compact. It is very dangerous to drive in the water and quite harmful to your vehicle.

  • State Route 115 – This is the highway that leads to the gates of Ocean Shores, but if you continue straight instead of turning through the gates, you’ll end up right on the beach.
  • Chance A La Mer – This is the most popular point of entry to the beach in Ocean Shores due to it’s proximity to the heart of downtown Ocean Shores hotels, shopping, and roads.
  • Pacific Blvd – Heading south on Ocean Shores Blvd from downtown Ocean Shores, this is the first beach access away from the main downtown area.
  • Ocean Lake Way – Continuing south from Pacific Blvd above, this is the second more secluded beach access.
  • Taurus Blvd – The Taurus Blvd beach access road is the southern most beach access that is vehicle accessible and it’s also the least busy due to being so far from downtown.

Beach access trails

There are dozens of trails from small parking lots or hotels along the coast that go to the beach. All of the roads mentioned above have some room to park your vehicle and walk down. There are also additional beach trails further south than Taurus Blvd. If you don’t want to drive your car on the beach these are certainly the next best thing.

The most popular beach access foot trails are listed below:

  • North Jetty – A must visit if you haven’t been before. Many photo opportunities and during stormy rough oceans the waves can crash pretty dramatically over the rocks.
  • Damon Point – Click the link for more info, but this is a stop you should make before the ocean erodes it away forever.
  • Ocean City State Park – There is a large gravel parking area with beach foot trail. You need a pass or to be camping here though.
  • Quinault Beach Resort & Casino – The parking lot is very close to the beach and there is a short trail.

Beach access outside of Ocean Shores

These are some lesser known and just as wonderful places to enjoy the beach just a short drive away.

  • Ocean City – The Ocean City beach access road is the nearest place to access the beach be vehicle outside of Ocean Shores.
  • Roosevelt Beach – Roosevelt Beach is a favorite to those who make the journey outside Ocean Shores to find it.