Ocean Shores Weather and Climate

Ocean Shores features a marine climate controlled by the Pacific Ocean which means summers aren't too hot and winters aren't too cold. It's always a bit windy which means you can fly a kite every day of the year.


If you are planning a visit you should plan on layering just about anytime of the year. It will probably be windy so even if the temperature is fairly warm you can still get a wind chill. If it's raining don't bother with the umbrella, it will just get turned inside out in a gust of wind, opt for hats and hooded coats.

Temperature and rainfall information

If it's extremely hot and sunny inland towards the Olympia/Seattle region it is likely 10-20 degrees cooler here. If it is extremely cold and snowing inland, it is likely 10-20 degrees warmer here. Many visitors come from the Puget Sound region every year and are very surprised by the difference in temperature during the warmer times and are surprised by the lack of freezing here during the colder times.

With annual temperatures averaging 44-58 degrees Ocean Shores is no California beach. However, it is popular for storm watchers in the winter and those looking for a little milder experience to beat the heat in the summer. Average temperatures and rainfall are illustrated below, you may click to enlarge the image.

Ocean Shores, Washington average annual temperature and rainfall.
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You may have seen footage from Ocean Shores on local news stations during winter storms in the past. This is actually a fairly popular destination for people who enjoy storm watching. Due to it's location on a coastal peninsula, Ocean Shores tends to get pretty extreme winds and therefore the waves/tides can get extremely rough on the beach during winter storms. Even during the calmer days it is almost always windy enough on the beach to fly a kite.


When it's very hot in Western Washington moisture draws from the ocean and the entire coast can be completely foggy despite the warm and sunshine only a few minute drive inland. This is one of the main attractions for people who swarm to Ocean Shores to escape the extreme highs only a couple hours drive inland.